Support the Movement

I've finally finished recording my first full-length studio album in over ten years, and it feels fantastic. 

I believe I was meant to use my talent in a way that helps create a more understanding world, to share what I've learned, to give a more positive outlook on life.

I need your support to compete with the current system that promotes negative actions and images. With your help, my goal is to create more positive content that helps to inspire creativity and self-love.

Please help me encourage self-education and self-knowledge so that we can combat the negativity that seems to be at the forefront of every form of entertainment.

I'm asking you to join me on this mission because I can't do it alone, they don't want me to do it, they never have, but with your support, I know we can change the perception of Hip-Hop music and culture and create a better future.

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Thanks for your support in helping me to fulfill my life's purpose.

One Love,




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