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Since the beginning of his career Jeru The Damaja has always been fearless when it comes to using his artistic platform to deliver a meaningful message. In his never-ending battle with his arch-nemesis Mr. Ignorance, there have been ups, and there have been downs, but Jeru continues to push forward, believing the adage that "it's not about how many times you get knocked down, it's about how many times you get up that counts." That being said, the lyrical Kung fu Grandmaster is back, with his new single "POWER." Hardcore tribal drums, eerie strings, and Jeru's unorthodox Brooklyn box cutter flows are guaranteed to delight existing fans and garner the respect of new listeners. When asked, what was the motivation behind "POWER"? Jeru answers, "the goal is to have substance and intelligence outperform ignorance." With all of the madness going all in the world, Jeru reminds us that there can be no change without unity. If the revolution is to be televised, then this is the theme song!



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